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in the field of direct investments

Investment philosophy

Migom Investments SA combines the focus on middle-market private equity investing, deep operational expertise, industry knowledge and global corporate relationships. Together, they make us an attractive partner for management teams and business owners

Private equity funds managed by the company own more than 70 companies across sectors that include financial services; business services; consumer services; chemicals; natural resources; consumer and retail; leisure; manufacturing and industrial; media, telecom and technology. Through steadfast purchase price discipline and active portfolio management, collaboration with management teams and a deep bench of operating executives, the private equity funds we manage have generated strong returns across market cycles, while focusing on downside protection

The Art of
direct investments

Migom Investments SA approach

Investment strategy is designed to leverage the firm's deep sector and operational expertise to help acquired companies unlock value and achieve their full potential

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to the world of private equity


Higher returns

PE tends to focus on established and mature companies, and therefore can conduct bigger deals with greater financial returns

Enhanced control

Private equity firms provide more opportunities to thoroughly control investments by acquiring a majority stake or even 100% of the company

Improved security

Compared to VC investments, private equity approach is more risk-averse, which allows for more secure investments

Better understanding

PE resorts to a comprehensive analysis of companies when assessing investments, including many parameters: growth, multiple expansion, debt pay-down and cash

Deeper involvement

Private equity firms are more actively involved with companies’ operations, thus achieving even greater control over the investment

Diversified portfolio

Unlike VC funds that typically invest within a specific vertical, PE firms can be involved in any industry, providing a more balanced approach

Invest the clever

Migom Investments SA projects

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